Listen: Stanley Kubrick's Rare 1960s Interview Over a Game of Chess

Listen: Stanley Kubrick's Rare 1960s Interview Over a Game of Chess

Jun 11, 2012

Our friends at Flavorwire shared a fascinating Stanley Kubrick interview over the weekend. It's hard to imagine the brilliant filmmaker failing English and not being accepted into college, but the director laughingly admits just that in a 1966 interview conducted by New Yorker writer Jeremy Bernstein.

The normally private director was enticed to reveal several personal, telling stories over a game of chess. The two men would play between takes of Kubrick's sci-fi opus, 2001. As the tape recorder ran — which was Kubrick's suggestion, since he had a love of technology and gadgets — he shared stories about his early film works, his stint as a photographer at Look magazine, and all his landmark movies up until that point — including Paths of Glory, Lolita, and Dr. Strangelove.

By the end of the interview, Kubrick had shot 80,000 feet, or about 14.8 hours, of 2001, and we were left with an intimate view into the life of one of cinema's most talented directors. Kubrick's wife Christiane once said, "Stanley would be happy with eight tape recorders and one pair of pants." We're just glad he put at least one of those recorders to good use.


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