Listen: The Most Disturbing 'Prometheus' Viral Video Yet

Listen: The Most Disturbing 'Prometheus' Viral Video Yet

May 03, 2012

When all is said and done, we can't see many summer movie campaigns topping the weird, fascinating (and brainy) Prometheus marketing campaign. Granted, we're mainly referring to their online viral campaign, but between the TED talk clip, the fantastic, heart-pounding trailers, the images, and inventive character introductions, our anticipation has climbed higher and higher without them truly spoiling anything, really. 

For example, take this latest piece of marketing. They released this backwards audio clip from the film, allowing fans to reverse it to reveal audio from what sounds like the most disastrous character death scene. You hear this poor guy fighting for his life while some ... creature just does unspeakable things to his body. What's so great about this clip is that they're handing us what sounds like a huge death scene from the film, but just in audio form. Not only does it play around with what is and isn't a spoiler, but it also freaks you out in all the uncomfortable ways you want this movie to freak you out in. 

Listen below. And put down the bowl of cereal first. [via Bleeding Cool]

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