Listen: Has Tom Cruise Lost His Edge?

Listen: Has Tom Cruise Lost His Edge?

Jun 09, 2014

Welcome back to another episode of The Summer Movies Podcast, a podcast that will run from May through the end of August and cover all things related to summer movies past, present and future.

On this week's episode of the Summer Movies Podcast, Erik Davis ( and Sean O'Connell ( attempt to figure out why Edge of Tomorrow didn't do better at the weekend box office. Does it have to do with its originality, its release date or are people not as excited to watch big, explosive Tom Cruise movies anymore? 

Also on the podcast, Marvel's Ant-Man finds a director and the latest news on Terminator: Genesis, plus some brief thoughts on underrated summer blockbusters.

As always, thanks so much for listening and please feel free to continue the conversation in our comments section or on Twitter, @erikdavis and @sean_oconnell.

You can listen to this week's episode using the player below. And while the podcast is not on iTunes yet, you can download it to iTunes using this link.




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