Listen: David Lynch is Sharing 'Crazy Clown Time' With Fans

Listen: David Lynch is Sharing 'Crazy Clown Time' With Fans

Oct 04, 2011

Crazy clown time is bound to become the newest euphemism for sexytime with your sweetheart (but if you ever want to have sex again, you probably shouldn't call it that ... ). David Lynch has released the title track from his upcoming album Crazy Clown Time, which hits worldwide on November 7. He's taking a cue from the wonderful weirdness that is Crispin Glover's Clowny Clown Clown with an electro-bluesy song that tells a story about a bizzare backyard party. Lynch croons, "Suzy ripped her shirt off completely … Someone poured the beer over Sally … Buddy screamed so loud and spit … " while a woman moans in the background. You can download the song for yourself courtesy of the Inland Empire director's Facebook page (or listen below).

Need more clowning around? Here's Glover's clown-centric music video.

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