Listen: Can We Like the New 'Star Wars' Movies?

Listen: Can We Like the New 'Star Wars' Movies?

Feb 07, 2013

After Disney announced its acquisition of Lucasfilm along with a new Star Wars trilogy to pick up after Return of the Jedi, fans were pretty ecstatic. We'd be getting a continuation of the original trilogy, picking up the stories of characters we've loved ever since we were kids. Awesome! But then the tide began to shift when J.J. Abrams was announced as director, and those spin-off movies -- some of which may highlight Yoda, Han Solo and Boba Fett -- began buzzing through the rumor mill. Suddenly fan excitement turned to jaded cynicism, with more people complaining about the decisions Disney was potentially making, obsessing over the bad that may come from them, and less people approaching each piece of news with optimism and a positive attitude.

This lead me to wonder whether it'll be impossible to like these new Star Wars movies no matter who directs them, what they're about or who stars. Is that original trilogy so intricately tied to our experiences growing up and falling in love with movies that no matter what Disney does it'll never duplicate what came before? And do we actually need them to duplicate it, or will we be satisfied with an entirely new approach?

To talk about these things and more, I rang up my buddy Sean O'Connell (of Fandango, CinemaBlend and to get his thoughts on what Disney has to do in order to get everyone onboard with its evolving Star Wars vision. 

Listen to Sean and I hash it out below ...


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