Listen: 'You're Next' Star Sharni Vinson on Wanting to Become the Next Great Female Action Star

Listen: 'You're Next' Star Sharni Vinson on Wanting to Become the Next Great Female Action Star

Mar 12, 2013

Come this August moviegoers will finally get to see a horror movie that's been enjoying a steady stream of growing buzz ever since it premiered way back in 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival. That film is You're Next, and not only will it easily go down as one of the year's best horror movies, but it also features a lead actress who's destined to break out in a big way: Sharni Vinson.

Here's how our own Peter Hall described Vinson in his review: "It’s a done deal that the biggest buzz you’ll hear about the film is how awesome Australian actress Sharni Vinson is as Erin, the film’s final girl. And there’s no reason to take away from that, because Vinson is indeed a smoky shape-shifter that can smoothly change her colors from the reluctant girl meeting her boyfriend’s family for the first time to the pain-resistant, alarmingly-adept-at-killing-fools badass that she becomes."

It was that process of becoming a badass that has now convinced Vinson, a lifelong dancer who started out on the big screen in movies like Step Up 3D, to set out in search of a career as a female action star. We caught up with Vinson while she was promoting You're Next at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival to talk about the differences between dancing in a Step Up movie and beating someone to death with a hammer in You're Next, as well as what she brings to the table as the next great big-screen badass.

Listen to our conversation below, and see You're Next in theaters on August 23.

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