Watch: Cast of the 'Lion King' Musical Break Out into Song on an Airplane

Watch: Cast of the 'Lion King' Musical Break Out into Song on an Airplane

Apr 01, 2014

The Lion King

Even if you love traveling, you have to admit it can sometimes be a bit wearying. Running through airport security checks, cramming yourself into a tiny seat, dealing with screaming children…

Well, the cast of The Lion King’s Australian production understand that, and thought maybe the best way to make a long journey a little better is with song. So they did what they do best: breaking out into a rousing remix version of the film’s beloved track "The Circle of Life."

The group performed their flash mob-styled acapella as the plane was finishing its boarding procedures, and the whole thing was captured on camera for your enjoyment. What was probably a little surreal at first quickly becomes very cool – it’s not every day that you can say you were serenaded by the cast of a stage musical as part of your in-flight entertainment.

Watch the clip below, and feel free to sing along.

[via YouTube]


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