Lingerie Auditions, Kutcher's Lame PR Attempt and Biel's Weird Admission

Lingerie Auditions, Kutcher's Lame PR Attempt and Biel's Weird Admission

Jun 02, 2010

Victoria’s Secret Model Gets Naked for Transformers 3 Audition We already know that Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has replaced Megan Fox in Transformers 3, but did you know how she got the gig in the first place? No, she didn’t sleep with Optimus Prime – instead, Hollywoodlife reports the girl wore some see-through lingerie to her “audition” with Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay. Apparently she already had the part, but Bay wanted to see how she was with Shia during a romantic scene. Ew, creepy. And … if that’s not on the DVD, I’m gonna be pissed.

Charlie Sheen Heads to Jail I mean, you knew this would happen eventually – the guy gets himself into more trouble than an NFL player during the offseason. Though Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller intend to work things out once they’ve both vacationed at rehab, the man is still not off the hook on those domestic abuse charges. The actor will plead no contest to the abuse charges in return for 30 days in jail … which, actually, means 17 days (assuming he behaves). Since two of those days will be spent entering and exiting the jail, it’s really only like 15 days. And since he’s Charlie Sheen, I’m sure they’ll bend over backwards to make it feel like he’s not spending anytime in jail at all. Or he’ll be bending over for an entirely different reason …

Ashton Kutcher Sells Movie by Pirating It In a lame attempt to promote his new movie Killers (which isn’t screening for critics, mind you), Ashton Kutcher told his legion of Twitter followers that he planned to pirate the first 13 minutes of the movie while inside the movie theater. Naturally, some took offense to Kutcher’s blatant disregard for the latest anti-piracy movement. In the end Kutcher didn’t pirate anything – the studio simply released new footage from the movie during a livestream on the red carpet. Totally legit … but also boring. Like most of Kutcher’s films.

The Hobbit Loses Its Director Trying to solve the problems around one of the most anticipated films of the decade is a harder job than being Charlie Sheen’s therapist. After months and months of delays due to MGM’s money woes, Guillermo Del Toro has removed himself as director from the two-part Lord of the Rings prequel. I wonder … if MGM doesn’t have enough money to a pay a new director, will one be appointed for them? If so, can we, the people, choose Terry Gilliam?

Jessica Biel is a “Romantic Adrenaline Junkie.” Um, What? Speaking to Glamour in support of her new film The A-Team, Jessica Biel admitted to a strange addiction in response to a question about her character. “She's a hard-core adrenaline junkie. I'm a romantic adrenaline junkie!" A what? Biel adds, “When you get out into the wilderness and strip [away] all of the stuff in your everyday life, you really gain a great respect for your own life, simply as it is.” OH, so she likes to jump off mountains … but only after she and Justin Timberlake get it on in the woods. Now we get it.

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