Lindsay Lohan's Powder Prob, a Baywatch Movie, and What's Gerard Butler Doing in this Pic?

Lindsay Lohan's Powder Prob, a Baywatch Movie, and What's Gerard Butler Doing in this Pic?

Mar 31, 2010

Lindsay Lohan’s White Powder Problem Most people don’t walk down the street with white powder blasted all over their feet. Then again, most people are not Lindsay Lohan – this week’s (heck, this decade’s) poster child for why young hot celebrities with too much money should just live in rehab. Lohan claims it was only baby powder (and not some other illegal substance that comes in white powder form); meanwhile, some media outlets claim the once up-and-coming actress is such a mess that they’ve already written her obituary. How sad is that?

Baywatch on the Big Screen Because what’s a summer movie without a bunch of hot babes running up and down the beach for two hours, saving lives while taking our breath away at the same time? You never asked for it, but Hollywood doesn’t care – it’s Baywatch, baby, and it’s heading to the big screen during the summer of 2011. Unfortunately, they won’t be playing up the campy factor, but instead will deliver a female-driven action film. No word yet if it’s also coming to us in 32D. Zing!

Napoleon Dynamite Blows Up His Last Chance for Stardom Talk about the dumbest career move of 2010 so far: Jon Heder’s stardom has been tanking ever since they decided not to make a Napoleon Dynamite sequel, but things were looking up for the falling star when he nabbed a lead role in a Will Ferrell-produced Comedy Central sitcom. Only problem: He ditched the show two days before production was set to begin, citing “creative differences”. Creative differences? Try explaining that to your wife when she learns the difference between how much money was in your wallet today and yesterday.

Jesse James Salutes the Nazis, Checks Into Rehab Quick, what’s the first thing you do when you’re caught cheating on your wife with multiple skanky women? You check into rehab of course! That’s exactly what Sandra Bullock’s (soon to be ex?) husband did, checking into a treatment center for alcohol, substance and sex addiction (no flowers from Tiger Woods yet). Meanwhile, while James deals with “personal problems,” US Weekly helpfully provided the much talked-about photo of James wearing a Waffen SS visor while throwing up the infamous “sieg heil.” Yeah, don’t think the dude will be getting a tattoo to remember this month anytime soon.

Heidi Montag Wants a Movie Career Wondering why, exactly, MTV canceled The Hills? Look no further than Heidi Montag’s brain for answers. While speaking to People, Montag claimed she was making a 3D beach movie in which she stars as a lifeguard who fights a shark…with her boobs. Yup. (Note: No relation to the aforementioned Baywatch movie.) Oh, and to add a little bit of legitimacy to the whole thing, she’s also written a role for Dolly Parton. I don’t know what’s scarier: the idea for this film, or the threat that Montag can actually write coherent sentences.

Gerard Butler Gives Jennifer Aniston the Finger When most actors and actresses get together for a photo, they smile, toss an arm over the person next to them and simply try to look like they’re having a good time. Gerard Butler, however, would rather goose ya as the photographer yells out, “Say cheese!” Butler gave his Bounty Hunter star Jennifer Aniston a little extra something while posing for photos onboard a boat recently, fueling rumors that the two were actually an item. Either that, or Ms. Aniston has a vacuum in her undies. You be the judge.

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