Lindsay Lohan to Resurrect Career ... on Dancing with the Stars?

Lindsay Lohan to Resurrect Career ... on Dancing with the Stars?

Dec 02, 2010

After being booted from the Linda Lovelace porn biopic because it's simply way too expensive to insure her, Lindsay Lohan won't have many options once her latest stint in rehab is up. Sure, her "people" can claim she's got a pile of scripts a mile high waiting for her, but c'mon, everyone knows La Lohan has no time to read anything except for the things people say about her in trashy celeb magazines and gossip columns like this one (Hi, Lindsay!). So what's a girl with a sober attitude and tons of pent-up energy to do with herself? Well, she can start by trying to get a restraining order against the paparazzi, who, funnily enough, are the reason why people even still care about this girl in the first place. But when she's done with that, what about Dancing with the Stars!?

Yes! Dancing with the Stars could be the perfect place for her. In the end, when it comes down to Lohan and the girl who used to guest star on The Cosby Show, we can all hold our breaths (and our hands) as we wait in anticipation for the final results to be read.

Or, we can just make fun of Lindsay when she quits the competition after failing another drug test one week in. Still trying to figure out which scenario is more entertaining...

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