Lindsay Lohan Heads Back to Rehab ... Again

Lindsay Lohan Heads Back to Rehab ... Again

Oct 22, 2010

Well, at least we know where to send her Christmas cards. Today was the day Lindsay Lohan was due back in court following a parole violation in which she failed a drug test. Though the judge had threatened to send the troubled actress back to jail for another 30 days, he went a different route by ordering Lohan back to rehab until January 3rd, 2011. So, sadly, we won't be seeing any "OMG, Lindsay Parties with Cocaine and Paris Hilton on New Year's Eve at the Sort of Las Vegas Party You'll Never Ever Be Invited To" headlines, but it's cool; we need a break from Lohan anyway. Then, after the new year -- once we've watched Lohan's Jingle Bell Rock scene from Mean Girls on YouTube multiple times in order to satisfy our Lohan withdrawals, it'll be time for her to violate probation yet again, and then we'll have something to talk about.

Of course, we're just as addicted to La Lohan as she's addicted to drugs, so maybe we need some sort of rehab too. Maybe, from now until January 3rd, we won't talk about Lohan at all. We won't mention her potential film roles, or her family, or the way it hurts our heart when she tears up in court. Yup, that's what we'll do. Oh, and one more thing ...

... I'm KIDDING! C'mon, seriously, like we'd have anything to write about without Lindsay Lohan stories. Look for the next one on Monday.

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