Lindsay Lohan Fired from Linda Lovelace Film

Lindsay Lohan Fired from Linda Lovelace Film

Nov 22, 2010

Well, can't say we didn't see this coming. After delaying the project for months due to her being in and out of jail and rehab, Lindsay Lohan has been officially fired from Inferno, the buzzed-about Linda Lovelace biopic. So, yeah, we've been robbed from the only good thing that comes from celebs’ post-rehab career rehab: soft-core porn. Thanks for nothin', Lindsay!

Lohan -- who apparently had become too expensive to for the production to insure – has been replaced by Malin Ackerman . Ackerman, for those who are interested in the film solely for the nudity and porn re-creations (which, let's be real, is most of you), is probably best known for her down-and-dirty sex scene in Watchmen with Patrick Wilson .

Meanwhile, Lohan will continue to star in her own continuously boring reality series through the end of the year. Look for her next role as Sober Girl with Water Bottle Walking Around L.A. to hit in January via hundreds of paparazzi photographers.

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