Lindsay Lohan is Changing Her Name To ... (Please Say Susie Skanky!)

Lindsay Lohan is Changing Her Name To ... (Please Say Susie Skanky!)

Mar 25, 2011

For all the idiotic situations Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself into over the past few years (jail, rehab, jewelry store heists, Labor Pains), you have to give the girl credit for finally waking up, smelling the roses and detecting a scent that immediately spun her in a different direction. Instead of pleading guilty to theft of that necklace, she's milking this thing and taking it to trial. Screw two weeks in jail -- let's televise a trial and really make a go of it! And as Lindsay Lohan prepares for her upcoming trial, she's also looking to re-brand herself by removing the one obstacle that's been in her way since birth: Her name.

Unfortunately, no, she's not changing her name to Susie Skanky (even though that would've been completely awesome in every conceivable way). Instead, Popeater tells us she's decided to just drop her last name, Lohan, perhaps because everyone in her family who still carries the Lohan name is a complete lunatic nutcase.

From now on, we just call her Lindsay ... which shouldn't be too confusing considering the millions of other girls out there named Lindsay. Most of this came as her father, Michael Lohan, continues to make a complete ass of himself in lame attempts to grab headlines. The latest has him allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Apparently Lindsay's mom and younger sister will use the mother's maiden name, Sullivan, though Lindsay is just going to go with Lindsay for now ... or until she gets wasted and marries someone in Las Vegas while out on some awesome all-night bender.

Will we have to wait long before we get to refer to her as Lindsay Sheen? God I hope not.

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