Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Poster: It's Freaky How Much Daniel Day-Lewis Looks Like Abraham Lincoln

Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Poster: It's Freaky How Much Daniel Day-Lewis Looks Like Abraham Lincoln

Aug 22, 2012

Earlier this summer we were handed a version of Abraham Lincoln that fought vampires, and now this November Steven Spielberg is poised to give us his take on the trials and tribulations of the 16th president of the United States in Lincoln. As did the first official image, this poster hammers home the fact that this will be yet another role in which Daniel Day-Lewis absolutely loses himself in the character, with Spielberg's team doing a tremendous job transforming the actor into Lincoln. So while he's got the physical appearance down, now we await the first trailer (which should arrive real soon) to see if the striking similarities also carry over to the performance. 

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Lincoln movie poster

As we reported earlier, the film itself, according to Spielberg, will be "about a working leader who must make tough decisions and get things done in the face of overwhelming opposition" as he moved forward in his attempt to abolish slavery once and for all. It won't cover Lincoln's entire life, only the four months prior to his death, and this poster does a solid job of delivering that info to us without a synopsis. This looks like a weathered, beaten-down Lincoln. A guy who's hunched over because the fate of a nation is on his shoulders. Plus the black and white is great because it plays into one of the biggest themes of the film, most notably Lincoln's pursuit to abolish slavery. Here he's saying, "How do I get a nation to see beyond the color of someone's skin?" Lincoln wanted us to be color-blind, and so does this poster.

Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Strathairn, Gullver McGrath and Tommy Lee Jones also star, with the film due in limited theaters on November 9, expanding wide November 16.

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