Like Justin Bieber, Never Say Never Refuses to Go Away

Like Justin Bieber, Never Say Never Refuses to Go Away

Feb 23, 2011

Look, I like Justin Bieber. He seems like a good, well-rounded kid who comes from a stable background full of people who've helped support and fulfill his dreams. I respect anyone who's managed to climb their way to the top through grassroots efforts like YouTube and playing guitar at the local mall in front of old people who have nothing better to do than walk in circles for six hours. But there came a time somewhere between the hype surrounding his latest movie and the ridiculous amount of news stories about how the kid cut his hair that I just checked out.

I'm done. If there's a Justin Bieber rehab facility, sign me up.

The latest news is that, in an effort to help moviegoers experience what it's like to have Justin Bieber in your face over and over and over again, Paramount will be re-releasing Never Say Never in theaters only three weeks after its initial release date.

Not a month. Or three months. Or six months. Three weeks! And they've somehow managed to add an extra 40 minutes of footage! Sure I think it's kinda shady to re-release a film with 40 minutes of additional footage three weeks after the original hit theaters because it feels like moviegoers were robbed the first time around, but when it's Justin Bieber we're talking about, then it's easy money, right?

I feel like these extra "goodies" or "fan cuts" are just a way to disguise the fact that large fanbases are an easy lay. It's easy to get money out of Justin Bieber fans or Twilight fans because all you have to do is wiggle a piece of new content in front of their noses and it's more money in the studio's pocket.

Do I think the idea of a new "fan cut" that includes more of what the fans want to see is a sound one? Yeah, sure, for the DVD release in August. But to re-release the film three weeks after the original hit theaters in an attempt to drag more money from these kids' pockets (3D prices ain't cheap)  by teasing them with "additional footage" is just plain wrong. Just my two cents. Feel free to disagree.

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