'Like Crazy' Trailer 2: This Time Love Hits You Where it Hurts

'Like Crazy' Trailer 2: This Time Love Hits You Where it Hurts

Aug 10, 2011

A full-length trailer for writer/director Drake Doremus' Like Crazy -- which won the Grand Jury Prize for a drama at this year's Sundance -- has arrived, and it's heart-rendingly perfect if you feel like sobbing a little on a Wednesday afternoon. Ingrid Michaelson's cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love (get thee to Spotify!) sets the tone for a look inside Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones' long distance relationship that gets put through the wringer when the young British woman is separated from her boyfriend after facing problems with her visa.

Our own Erik Davis recently spoke with Doremus, who describes the film as a classic love story with a '70s sensibility to it – something that will hopefully separate Like Crazy from the similarly achy ode to love, Blue Valentine and 2009's 500 Days of Summer. Doremus and his cast shot the film without a script to retain an honesty in the performances, which seems to radiate with an overwhelming longing and sadness in this new trailer. It's also nice to see a little bit more from Jones, whose performance will hopefully make her a new standout as her star seems to be rising. [Trailer also available in HD over on Apple]


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