'Life After Beth' Trailer: Would You Still Date Aubrey Plaza As a Zombie?

'Life After Beth' Trailer: Would You Still Date Aubrey Plaza As a Zombie?

Jun 26, 2014

My Boyfriend's Back is a fun, totally tongue-in-cheek '90s comedy about a guy who dies before he gets to go on the date of his dreams. So, naturally, he defies death, climbs out of the grave, and goes back to his normal life. And everyone, well, mostly everyone, pretends like it's totally okay that he's a zombie, even as he starts eating those around him.

Life After Beth looks a little like that, though with the genders swapped. It stars Dane DeHaan as a boy in love with a girl (Aubrey Plaza), who dies only to come back, seemingly normal but with superstrength and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Here's what Erik had to say in his review from its Sundance world premiere earlier this year:

The real highlight though is Aubrey Plaza, and when she's on-screen experimenting with the unpredictable nature of what it means to be a zombie, Life After Beth is a gorishly entertaining watch and a pretty awesome date movie. Unless your date's a zombie, then they probably won't get it. Yeah, they won't like this one much. But all the nonzombies should totally have at it.

Check out the first trailer for it below:

Life After Beth will be available on DirecTV starting July 17 and then head to theaters on August 15, 2014.





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