LG Reduces the Dork Factor With Designer 3D Glasses for Home

LG Reduces the Dork Factor With Designer 3D Glasses for Home

Dec 13, 2010

No matter what the manufacturer, there is one thing 3D glasses made for home viewing have in common: they are all designed to fit the maximum number of people's noggins. This "one size fits all" approach doesn't make them exactly easy on the eyes in looks OR comfort.

So...LG has teamed with famous eyewear maker Alain Mikli to create 3D glasses that break that mold. "3D viewing glasses don’t have to be ugly and uncomfortable," says LG president Havis Kwon. "We’ve just proven that with Monsieur Mikli’s help in creating what are probably the best, most stylish 3D glasses in the world." Because, you know, lookin' your best on your own couch is pretty damn important, we think.

The premium glasses will debut at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. LG has yet to reveal a price for the glasses, but since regular plastic pairs start at about $150, expect to pay north of that to be stylin' in three dimensions. For our money, they better fit like a glove.

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