Watch 'Market Hours' and 'Operation Barn Owl,' Two Adorable Short Films

Watch 'Market Hours' and 'Operation Barn Owl,' Two Adorable Short Films

Nov 21, 2014

The Weinstein Company is known primarily for its big dramas, especially this time of the year when it fills art house theaters with award hopefuls like St. Vincent, Big Eyes and The Imitation Game. But the studioe does occasionally branch out to the smaller screen, and recently it has formed a partnership with Lexus to create some short films that give aspiring feature filmmakers a shot.

Though they're dubbed the Lexus Short Films, these movies aren't car commercials in the slightest. They're cute, heartfelt efforts with self-contained stories and the latest entries are Market Hours (from director Jon Goldman) and Operation Barn Owl (from Satsuki Okawa), which you can see below.

Market Hours is about a security guard who often gets distracted on the job while trying to imagine what the people around him are thinking about. Operation Barn Owl has a similar track about getting caught up in thoughts of what could have been as it shows a woman helping her best friend stage an elaborate proposal to his girlfriend.

Both are filled with charm and whimsy, so if that's your thing, check 'em out.





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