Leonardo DiCaprio Set to Play Another American Icon

Leonardo DiCaprio Set to Play Another American Icon

Sep 17, 2013


A. Scott Berg's biography about 28th president Woodrow Wilson was just released, and THR indicates that Leonardo DiCaprio is already attached to star (and produce) in a Warner Bros. adaptation of the book. Wilson just hit shelves last week, so the studio is moving quickly to put all the pieces in place. The former president was a professor (PhD) and the governor of New Jersey before he moved on to the White House. He was in office from 1913 to 1921 and led the nation through World War I, also helping to shape the Federal Reserve, the League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles.

He made a few enemies due to his stance on civil rights for African-Americans and women. Wilson became a widower while in office, but remarried Edith Galt. She took over for him in 1919 after a major stroke, which was the cause of his death in 1924. There's plenty of dramatic territory to mine in Berg's biography, and the success of Lincoln proved people are interested in stories about our nation's leaders. Wilson remains a controversial political figure, which can only work to the film's benefit. Before we know it, American presidents will have replaced superheroes as the next remake craze.

Feel free to check out part one of this great documentary on Wilson below.



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