Watch This 1994 Leonardo DiCaprio Movie You've Never Seen Before

Watch This 1994 Leonardo DiCaprio Movie You've Never Seen Before

Mar 06, 2015

Following his breakout Oscar-nominated role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Leonardo DiCaprio was supposed to appear in Interview With the Vampire as the interviewer, taking over for the late River Phoenix. But he was deemed too young and the role went to Christian Slater instead. In its place, DiCaprio starred in a 27-minute short titled The Foot Shooting Party, which, until recently, was a very rare entity for fans of the actor. Now, though, we can see the movie in its entirety online, courtesy of its director and Vimeo.

Set in 1969, the short sees DiCaprio playing a rock singer who has just been drafted to fight in Vietnam. Partly to avoid getting killed in the war and partly to keep his band together, he decides to shoot himself in the foot, which will keep him out of service. For support, he gathers the others in his group, including guys played by Michael Rapaport and Jake Busey. Over the course of a long night, DiCaprio's "Bud" contemplates whether he's doing the right thing or whether he'll be branded a coward.

The Foot Shooting Party is written by Ken Carter and is the directorial debut of Annette Haywood-Carter, who prior had been a script supervisor on movies such as Driving Miss Daisy and, fittingly, Ernest Thompson's 1969. She also worked on a number of Renny Harlin's movies, including Die Hard 2, and he in turn served as an executive producer on her short, which was made with funding from Touchstone Pictures thanks to a short-lived fund set up by Jeffrey Katzenberg to assist promising new filmmakers. 

According to Haywood-Carter's bio, her career shot forward from this, thanks to a viewing by Steven Spielberg, who liked it and hired her for an episode of SeaQuest DSV. She followed that with the early Angelina Jolie movie Foxfire and more recently helmed "the other Chiwetel Ejiofor free slave movie of 2013," Savannah, which was also written by Carter. Now she's apparently developing a stage play adapted from The Foot Shooting Party, and I think that's why we're finally getting to see the short.

As for DiCaprio, of course he found some other features to further his career and become the star he is today, one with four more Oscar nominations under his belt. Should he have gotten another for his performance in The Foot Shooting Party? Not quite, but it is neat to see him as a long-haired hippy in the '60s. Watch it below. 

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