Is Leonard Nimoy "In Talks" to Join JJ Abrams' 'Star Trek 2'?

Is Leonard Nimoy "In Talks" to Join JJ Abrams' 'Star Trek 2'?

Apr 30, 2012

Leonard Nimoy as SpockDuring last week’s Space Shuttle Enterprise/747 flyover of NYC, CNN caught up with Leonard Nimoy to get his thoughts on this particular moment in history. Naturally, things eventually got around to Star Trek, with the anchor asking if Nimoy was going to do another Trek film (presumably JJ Abrams’ sequel).

Nimoy took everyone by surprise when he told the reporters “we’re talking…we’re talking” when the sequel subject came up. While fans have hoped that Nimoy – who had a fairly meaty supporting role in Abrams’ first Star Trek – would be back for a sequel, there was no official word that it was even being considered. Nimoy’s comments seemingly indicate that it’s not only being considered, but actively discussed. Hurray!

AICN got on the case and is now reporting that they have “compelling independent confirmation that Nimoy is ‘absolutely’ in the new film.” Unfortunately, they’re not revealing their source until they confirm more details.

It makes sense for Spock to return in the sequel, even if only in what amounts to a cameo appearance. Having the venerable Nimoy aboard for the reboot not only was a great story component, it helped ease the transition for audiences trying to get used to the new, younger actors in the iconic roles. If Abrams is smart (and we certainly believe he is), he’ll keep finding ways to get the original cast involved for as long as he can. Our only request is this: if he’s going to bring Nimoy back for a second tour of duty, we want Shatner onboard this time too. We get a little giddy imagining some sort of scene where Shatner’s Kirk gives out some fatherly advice to Chris Pine’s younger version of himself. Make it happen, JJ Abrams!

We’ll keep you posted on further Spock-related Star Trek developments as more details are revealed. Until then, wait long and prosper and check out a video of Nimoy's CNN appearance below. Guess this could refute those 2010 stories about the actor retiring from Star Trek, eh?

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