Leo vs. Gibson-gate, Total Rehash, Rambo Prequel and the Great Comic-Con Con

Leo vs. Gibson-gate, Total Rehash, Rambo Prequel and the Great Comic-Con Con

Jul 28, 2010

  •  The Ship's Set Sail On Mel Gibson's Viking movie, apparently, as star Leonardo DiCaprio has apparently dropped out, sources saying there's "not a chance" Leo will work with Mel after the recent Gibson-gate tape scandal.
  •  Someone Got Conned! After spending gazillions dutifully trotting out their stars and marketing gimmicks at the hype machine known as San Diego Comic-Con last week, THR asks the all-too-revealing question: Was it worth it? The big answer: a resounding NO, as iPhone searches for movies like Green Lantern, Green Hornet and Thor dropped a whopping 12-20% during the week after. D’oh!
  •  Total Rehash Total Recall will get a modernized adaptation care of Len Wiseman, he of Live Free or Die Hard and the Underworld movies fame, news that should make no sci-fi fan happy even if he throws ol’ Kate Beckinsale onscreen. When they announce that Paul W.S. Anderson will direct Sam Worthington in a Blade Runner remake, nobody should be too surprised.…
  •  First First Blood Because Hollywood is utterly, absolutely devoid of new ideas (see above--and nope, Inception doesn’t count—go watch Dreamscape if you don’t believe me) now there’s talk of a Rambo…prequel? Since nothing’s original anymore, why bother casting anyone new? They can just CGI the hell out of Stallone like they did Jeff Bridges in the Tron sequel.
  •  Ass-Kicking News Movieweb confirmed that Mark Millar is writing the follow-up book to Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, and will start working on the movie sequel with director Matthew Vaughn in April. Word is it will focus on Hit Girl with Red Mist as the villain (no shocker there). Kick-Ass comes out on DVD Aug. 3, and if you haven’t seen it….Queue. It. Immediately.
  •  Cold-Cocked Dragons + tribal music + hot half-naked chicks + sh** exploding = Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch trailer.
  •  Pixar to the Rescue Because everything Pixar touches turns to gold, the Mouse House brought on the animation powerhouse first to help Tron: Legacy, and now to save assist on the Muppets script written by and starring Jason Segal. Someone should have come up with this brilliant idea when they were working on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Prince of Persia.
  •  Bird Seed The long-talked-about remake of The Crow may actually get its due with the latest screenwriter to come aboard, music icon (and under-noticed screenwriter) Nick Cave, who worked on the excellent Western The Proposition. Who better to tackle the gothic supernatural superhero than a post-punk musician who admits to an obsession with "religion, death, love, America, and violence”?

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