Check Out This Hilarious Short Created Out of Extra Footage from 'The Lego Movie'

Check Out This Hilarious Short Created Out of Extra Footage from 'The Lego Movie'

Jun 16, 2014

History Cops Michelangelo

It’s amazing how the Lego brand has expanded in the last decade or so – the little blocks that allow kids to build basically anything they can imagine have gone from being a toy-box staple to the star of video games and movies.

The Lego Movie is due to hit home video this week – and there’s no better way to prepare for that momentous occasion than by watching this hilarious trailer for a fake movie titled History Cops, created using some extra footage that was left over from the movie. Will Forte reprises his role as Lincoln, while codirector Phil Lord (we think) voices Michelangelo.


The short, which features Abraham Lincoln and Michelangelo as an odd-couple cop duo, is done in a faux grindhouse style that’s instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up watching '70s action and exploitation films. Filled with bad dubbing, hilarious one-liners, and pretty much every cop-film cliché you can think of, History Cops is damn near sublime in its awesomeness.

Check out the clip above and see what you think. We’re disappointed that the Lego Movie folks aren’t actually making this film. We’d pay good money to watch Lincoln and Michelangelo bust heads, that’s for sure.

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