Learn How to Make a Skateboard Movie

Learn How to Make a Skateboard Movie

Apr 03, 2013


Ryan Decenzo, Torey Pudwill, Ryan Sheckler, Zered Bassett are four of the best skateboarders right now. Red Bull wanted to follow them for its Red Bull Perspective project, to invite audiences to experience what it would be like to skate. Director Nicholas Schrunk and crew flew to each of the skater's hometowns to film them in their element and find out what skateboarding means to them.

In the trailer, we get to see the incredible equipment used behind the scenes to capture the guys in action. Anamorphic lenses offered the viewer a wide frame to be part of the action and lent a cinematic quality to the video. A Phantom camera that shoots up to 4,000 frames per second on a "super slider" captured real-time, slow-motion shots of the skaters in midair. A homemade cable camera gave a bird's-eye view of the guys skating the streets. Also on scene was well-known skate camera operator Ricki Bedenbaugh. It's a cool overview of everyone's collaborative efforts behind the camera and on-screen. Watch the making of the movie below, and visit Red Bull's website for more details about the Perspective project.

You can watch the resulting film there, too. In related news, we know cat-bike guy has his own commercial now, but how long do we have to wait for their behind-the-scenes movie? Answer: too long.



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