Learn How to Fly: Original Fame Lives Forever on Blu-ray

Learn How to Fly: Original Fame Lives Forever on Blu-ray

Oct 25, 2009

If the recent Fame remake makes you want to burst into song and light up the sky like a flame, you’d better sit down for this news. Warner Bros. has scheduled 1980’s Fame for release on Blu-ray on January 26, probably around the same time the 2009 version will also come home on DVD and, presumably, BD. The original Fame follows a group of students at New York High School of Performing Arts and contains that irritatingly catchy titular song by Irene Cara, who plays Coco Hernandez in the film. The musical won an Oscar for Best Soundtrack. “You ain’t seen the best of me yet/ Give me time and I’ll make you forget the rest,” sings Cara in the theme song. "The rest" must be the DVD version, which the Blu-ray will make you forget with its full 1080p picture and 5.1 soundtrack. Supplements include a "Class Reunion" commentary with video highlights featuring director Alan Parker and co-stars Lee Curreri, Laura Dean, Gene Anthony Ray and Maureen Teefy; "On Location with Fame"; a "Fame Field Trip" that visits the school that inspired the movie; and Q&A interviews with director F. Gary Gray and producer Patricia Charbonnet. The BD also comes bundled with a CD soundtrack sampler with four songs so you can dance around your living room and shout to anyone within earshot, “Baby look at me and tell me what you see!” Actually, that last part might buy you a one-way ticket to the nuthouse, so proceed with caution as you learn how to fly again with Fame.

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