Learn All About March Madness via 'Star Wars'

Learn All About March Madness via 'Star Wars'

Mar 21, 2013

We've arrived at that time in the year when nine out of 10 of your friends and family members are all jazzed up because of some college basketball tournament. All you keep hearing is stuff like, "I gotta set my brackets! I gotta finish my brackets! Holy crap -- my brackets!" -- while you stand or sit nearby quietly praying for all the noise to go away. Unfortunately, for the next three weeks the noise will only grow louder, so you may as well bite the basketball and learn a little more about this March Madness so you can at least fake your way through a conversation when your bros bring it up.

So what's the easiest way to learn about something that has nothing to do with movies? Why, through the movies! Here's a fun little March Madness tutorial that uses Star Wars to help those uneducated movie geeks survive a month full of "my brackets!" chatter.


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