We Visited the Set of Rooster Teeth's 'Lazer Team' and Have These Cool Goodies to Giveaway

We Visited the Set of Rooster Teeth's 'Lazer Team' and Have These Cool Goodies to Giveaway

Feb 01, 2016

"Oh, wow, this is a real movie."

That was the first thing that ran through my head when I pulled up to the set of Lazer Team, a sci-fi action comedy about four average Joes who wind up being Earth's last defense against alien domination. That may seem like an odd thing to think when visiting a movie set, but in my defense I was still thinking of Rooster Teeth as a company that made big waves by doing small (but smart) things. I'd been to their old studio before, I'd seen what they were capable of doing with a small team of creative people and a green screen. I know a number of people who work at RT and I know they dream big. I knew what they were planning and I knew that they had broken crowdfunding records when they raised a $2.4 million budget for the movie from their incredible and international fanbase.

I ostensibly knew all of this and yet there I was pulling into a parking lot that was filled with massive production trailers each kited out with a seemingly endless supply of film equipment and suddenly Lazer Team was no longer this nebulous hobby project that the RT guys were making. It was a very vivid, very real production. And I was genuinely blown away by the scope of what they were pulling off. It was indeed a real movie.

When I then confessed to Lazer Team co-writer, co-producer and co-star Burnie Burns something along the lines of "Wow, you're making a real movie," he smiled knowingly. It was clear that even a part of Burnie was still a little blown away that all of this was happening. I'd say he looked like a kid in a candy shop, but that would mean that this knowing look was somehow exclusive to him. But no, director Matt Hullum also seemed to have it, as did the rest of the cast who were filming that day, Gavin Free, Colton Dunn, Michael Jones and Alexandria DeBerry. It was a totally communal look of shared excitement.

What makes that shared look stand out even more, however, is that you don't always find it on a movie set. You might be surprised by how often people on a set don't share it, really. Most people on a set don't have some big investment in its outcome. They're not stars or producers, they're just there to do a job and move on. And there's nothing wrong with that -- this is an industry, after all-- but the cast and crew of Lazer Team, at least those I talked to that day, all seemed slightly more unified than on your standard set. They seemed to share a sense that they were getting away with something illicit; like it was two minutes before class was going to let out and the teacher hadn't assigned homework yet and everyone was silently agreeing to not say anything.

When I then saw Lazer Team at Fantastic Fest a few months later, it all made sense. The minds behind Lazer Team were, in a way, getting away with something. You usually need at least $100 million to make a movie about an alien invasion. You need a major Hollywood studio to back you. You need to check in with all the gatekeepers to that world of seemingly big budget filmmaking. And yet here was this scrappy little movie that was not only keeping pace, but was actually running laps around some bigger studio fare. It was exciting to see unfold-- doubly so knowing that it was a movie that came from such humble origins.

And soon you can see it unfold, too. Lazer Team is currently rolling out around the world through special screenings set up through Tugg (check the site for more screening info) and will be on YouTube Red in February. And in honor of its release, we are happy to be able to offer a pretty sweet giveaway to one lucky winner. It includes:

 - Lazer Team t-shirt

Lazer Team lapel pin

Lazer Team signed poster

- Rooster Teeth tote bag

- Rooster Teeth tumbler

- Rooster Teeth keychain

To win, just leave a comment on this post by February 5th. The winner will be randomly selected and we will contact them through the email provided, so please don't post any of your contact info publicly. Continental US shipping addresses only, please.


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