Lawsuit Alert: Jesse Eisenberg Didn't Really Star in Lionsgate's 'Camp Hell'

Lawsuit Alert: Jesse Eisenberg Didn't Really Star in Lionsgate's 'Camp Hell'

Nov 30, 2011

Camp HellRemember that random Lionsgate horror flick, Camp Hell, that featured The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg's face plastered all over the promo material? It seemed strange that the actor would take a downgraded role after his recent successes in David Fincher's film and in the horror-comedy Zombieland, but we were kind of tickled that he was giving some love to the horror community.

It turns out that Eisenberg only had a cameo role in the movie where he appeared on screen for less than five minutes. The actor sued Lionsgate for $3 million dollars for trying to capitalize on his name and image. Eisenberg was paid $3,000 to play a camper named Daniel who has a few encounters with the devil. Camp Hope is known as a strict religious community run by a nefarious priest. Andrew McCarthy and Dana Delany also star in the twisty bible story.

The Adventureland star indicated that the lawsuit is a warning to his fans. Critics have generally panned Camp Hell and noted Eisenberg's minimal part in the movie, so you have now been officially warned.

[via Eonline]

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