Law Abiding Citizen Invades Your Home in February

Law Abiding Citizen Invades Your Home in February

Dec 28, 2009

As the titular character in Law Abiding Citizen, Gerard Butler exacts revenge on his family’s killers and the justice system after a botched forensic investigation gives the criminals light convictions. Jamie Foxx plays the prosecutor who tries to keep the body count to a minimum, but he probably never saw Butler in 300. Although Butler ends up behind bars for going all Sparta on the fiend who invaded his home and killed his wife and daughter, the brutal murders continue as Foxx tries to figure out how Butler is orchestrating them from his cell before it’s too late.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is bringing this sociopathic thrill ride home on Blu-ray and DVD on February 16. Extras include audio commentary by producers Lucas Foster and Alan Siegal, a behind-the-scenes featurette, “Preliminary Arguments: The Visual Effects of Law Abiding Citizen” and “The Verdict: Winning Trailer Mash-up.” Blu-ray buyers will also be treated to an exclusive unrated cut of the film by director F. Gary Gray, a citizen who will circumvent the law laid down by the MPAA and invade your homes with the unrestrained version of Law Abiding Citizen he wanted to release in theaters. Now that’s the kind of revenge Blu-ray Bob can get behind.

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