Lautner Disses Push-Ups, James Cameron Gets Bitten by a Piranha and Virgins Look to Billboards for Advice

Lautner Disses Push-Ups, James Cameron Gets Bitten by a Piranha and Virgins Look to Billboards for Advice

Sep 03, 2010

Taylor Lautner Challenged to Bizarre Push-Up Contest to Settle Lawsuit
In one of the most bizarre attempts to settle a lawsuit, an RV dealer has challenged Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner to a push-up contest after the actor (and his people) sued the dealership for breach of contract for failing to deliver an RV that was to be used as a dressing room on time. So instead of settling for somewhere in the vicinity of the $40,000 Lautner is suing for, this RV dealer tried to make a game of it and challenge the kid with the air-brushed abs to a little friendly (but not so much) push-up contest. Naturally Lautner denied to participate, even though the dealer offered to donate the money to a children’s hospital instead. Honestly, it was a smart, used car salesman-like move on the RV guy’s part, and it almost banked him some serious marketing. Unfortunately, now, he’ll be forced to watch Lautner’s ripped abs on the big screen (and not in person) like everyone else.

Piranha 3D Producer Bites James Cameron … Hard
James Cameron may think he’s King of the 3D Movement after delivering a film (Avatar) that is now the highest grossing movie of all time, but others would beg to differ. After Cameron took shots at Piranha 3D for looking cheap and representing everything that’s wrong with the way some are using 3D, Piranha producer Mark Canton ferociously bit back by sending around a 1300-word note directed at Cameron, taking him to task for his comments, saying he didn’t “invent 3D,” that his remarks were “disappointing," and sort of alluding to the fact that Cameron is just bitter because he was fired from directing Piranha 2 many years ago. And here you thought this was the first time anyone ever fought angry Piranha and James Cameron at the same time. Ya know, I think I'd watch that movie ... in 3D, of course.

Jesse James’s New Main Squeeze
While Sandra Bullock has been enjoying her new adopted baby, as well as several appearances on various teen-related awards shows, her ex-hubby Jesse James has been getting busy the only way he knows how: By shacking up with some heavily tattooed chick and calling it a day.

Blockbuster About to File for Bankruptcy … So Return Those Videos Now!
Remember that time last week when you drove past a Blockbuster video store and briefly thought about the last time you were in a Blockbuster store three years ago? Well, get all your Blockbuster nostalgia out now because it looks like the company – who’ve been closing stores left and right while trying to figure out some way to compete in the online-rental game – will be filing for bankruptcy later this year. So do I return that VHS tape of The Last American Virgin that I found under my bed, or will that be impossible because there’s no place to return it to? No Blockbuster - don't go! I kinda like pointing and making fun as I randomly drive by your disheveled store on my way to the Redbox kiosk.

Virginity Hit Marketing May Confuse Poor Real-Life Virgins
Speaking of virgins, marketing for the upcoming comedy The Virginity Hit has been causing all sorts of headaches for the more refined (think stuck up, annoying – ie: the guy who yells at you when you accidentally step on the edge of his grass for 20 seconds) people of the country after the studio took their campaign to billboards by plastering signs with the question Still a Virgin? above a toll-free number where you can call for help. However, all desperate virgins will find at the other end of the line are jokey pre-recorded words of advice from the film’s cast and directions to the movie’s website. Oh well, internet porn it is … again.

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