Lautner an Action Star, Stewart Punks Out and The Hangover 2 Thai-s One On

Lautner an Action Star, Stewart Punks Out and The Hangover 2 Thai-s One On

Dec 18, 2009

  •  Lotta Lautner Pecs, biceps, karate kicks and all, is Taylor Lautner on track to be the movies’ next Stallone or Willis? He’s already attached to Paramount’s action-figure movie Max Steel, and now word comes that he’ll star in the unfortunately titled Cancun, which apparently is like if Taken met Die Hard on spring break.
  •  Getting Smarter Warner Bros. pushed back Get Smart 2 yet again (making it less and less likely to ever happen), giving Steve Carell room to do something else. That something else will be a Love Actually-like star vehicle, the script for which Warner Bros. just paid a whopping $2 mil. Who says Hollywood’s hurting?
  • Riot Grrls Kristen Stewart punks it up as Joan Jett in the new trailer for The Runaways, which MTV Movies debuted this week. Wasn’t sure Bella--er, Stewart could pull it off, but it looks like she gets to finally let loose all that Twilight angsty-ness by throwing chairs and stuff.
  •  Ah, Phuket CHUD has the scoop that The Hangover 2 is filming in Thailand. Just imaginewhat they might wake up to this time....
  •  Cause and Effect? Bad news for all you folks hankering for another John Travolta midlife crisis-on-motorcycles flick. Disney has sadly pulled the plug on the sequel to Wild Hogs, whose director we can thank for the refund-demanding Old Hogs.

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