Late-'80s ABC News Piece Warns of VCR Horrors!

Late-'80s ABC News Piece Warns of VCR Horrors!

Apr 12, 2012

A relic from my distant childhood popped up on YouTube recently, and I'd be a fool if I didn't share it all with you. A FOOL, I say. Basically what we have here is a 15-minute ABC News piece from the the late 1980s (I'm guessing '88) that warns of *gasp* VCR HORRORS! Yes, nearly 50% of American households had VCR machines at the time of this report, and ABC News was clearly intent on A) showing some garish gore footage, and B) blaming the producers for foisting such filth on our poor little children. 

Not once (except maybe at the end, and even then it's accidental) does this "news" piece assert that the parents are solely responsible for keeping, say, Splatter University out of little Timmy's hands -- but here's something else I noticed: aside from a quick shot of a few VHS covers here and there, all the films in this piece are low-budget, independent productions. One can only assume that ABC News was not interested in picking fights with Fox, Warner Bros., or Paramount, which is why (the, yes, very sleazy) Faces of Death is an easy target, but the fact that children could ALSO go rent The Shining or The Omen, both major studio hits, is completely ignored.

Gotta love the section where one concerned mom proposes a new rating to the MPAA. I'm stunned that "RV" never took off. Also, someone should have told the ABC News prop department that The World According to Garp is not a horror movie.

[Hat tip to @VivaVHS for the find]

Note: The image above comes from the documentary Room 237.


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