Last Year's Funniest Comedy Gets a Sequel for 2014

Last Year's Funniest Comedy Gets a Sequel for 2014

Apr 18, 2013

We'll admit there are a lot of sequels (and prequels, and reboots) these days, but every now and then Hollywood announces a sequel we actually want to see. Like, really want to see. Last year's funniest comedy may be debatable in your mind, but not so much for us: it was clearly 21 Jump Street. Somehow Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall figured out a way to adapt a semiserious television show from the '80s starring Johnny Depp into a brilliant high school comedy featuring what might just be Channing Tatum's finest performance to date. Not long after the movie hit theaters, it was clear we were getting a sequel -- and yesterday at CinemaCon Sony confirmed that sequel will be in theaters in 2014. 

Hill and Bacall are again writing the script, which was already being worked on when we interviewed Bacall last year. When we asked him about it, he couldn't say much except that there are clues in the first one that point toward the direction of the sequel. No word on release date or cast, though we assume Hill, Tatum and at least the scene-stealing Ice Cube will return for part two. 

What do you want to see in a sequel to 21 Jump Street

MOREDialogue: Michael Bacall on Writing 'Project X,' '21 Jump Street,' and 'The New Cool,' and Growing Up an '80s Child Actor


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