Sam Raimi Is Producing a 'Last of Us' Movie Along with the Game's Writer

Sam Raimi Is Producing a 'Last of Us' Movie Along with the Game's Writer

Jul 25, 2014

Earlier this week we brought you news that hit PlayStation game The Last of Us, about the survivors of a fungal infection that has turned most humans into zombielike creatures, was putting together a live stage reading of some of its more dramatic scenes, which we said was the next best thing to a movie. Well, surprise surprise, now a The Last of Us movie is definitely happening.

Rumblings of a big-screen version has been brewing since the game came out last year (this happens anytime a big, new game is a hit), but today at Comic-Con it was revealed that Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is on board to produce the project over at Sony's Screen Gems. And if you think this is just a case of the studio churning out a quick cash-in on a fan-favorite game, you should rest easy knowing that Neil Druckman, who wrote the game, has been granted considerable creative control over the project. He's not only writing the script, but he has approval over the director and cast-- a rarity for this kind of project.

So, let the fan casting begin. Who do you want to see play Joel or Ellie? Raimi and Druckman have already met with Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams (who we recently interviewed) for that latter role, but she's not signed on the dotted line just yet.




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