The Last Horror Blog: Run for Your Lives

The Last Horror Blog: Run for Your Lives

Aug 11, 2011

The Horror News:

Laura RamseyLaura Ramsey Heads Back to Horror - I'm honestly at a loss to explain why Laura Ramsey's career hasn't gotten bigger.  She's a pretty gal who, as evidenced by The Ruins, has some serious acting chops and is willing to do some very unpretty things in front of a camera.  That's just not a quality you find in many young Hollywood starlets.  Say what you will about The Ruins (I think it's one of the best horror films of the '00s), but you can't deny that she's remarkable in it as Stacy, the surprisingly level-headed blonde who gets a little too paranoid and overzealous with a knife.  Frankly, her new movie Glimmer sounds kind of goofy, but I'm hoping she at least makes things interesting.

World War Z War Already Lost - I ranted about this the other day, but since it remains the most disappointing horror news of the week, I'll give the short version here.  Basically, Paramount has decided to abandon the whole "oral history" part of their film adaptation of Max Brooks' World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.  And while I don't think this automatically means the movie is going to be a steaming pile of crap, it does mean that this is not a World War Z movie.  It's just another zombie movie that takes place during the apocalypse.  It'll probably crib some of the more memorable set pieces and scenarios from Brooks' novel, but so long as it doesn't employ his very effective post-war narrative, it's a pale shade of what could have been a truly unique zombie movie.

Adam Green and Joe Lynch, Sitcom Stars - Even though I'm not in love with any of their combined films (Frozen is the best of their respective lot), I do quite like Adam Green and Joe Lynch as champions of the genre.  That's why I'm particularly interested to see what they do with Holliston, a sitcom they're creating for FEARnet in which they'll each play two aspiring horror directors trying to make it in the business.  If it's half as funny as Jack Chop, I'm in.

Run For Your Lives - If I still lived in the DC area, I would be all over this zombie-infested 5K obstacle course.  Yes, it's exactly what you think it is.

The Horror Reviews:

The ClinicIt's been a slow week for me and horror watchings, but I did manage to catch up with James Rabbitt's The Clinic, an Australian horror flick that sadly didn't do much for me.  

Supposedly based on a true story, The Clinic tells of a pregnant couple, Beth and Cameron, who spend the night at a crappy hotel in the middle of nowhere on a long distance drive.  The husband goes for a late night walk and when he returns, his wife is missing.  Typical backwoods characters and dynamics ensue as Cameron tries to find Beth, who, unbeknownst to him but beknownst to us, has woken up in a tub of ice with a truly nasty C-section scar stitched into her now baby-less belly.  She then tries to figure out where she is, why she is surrounded by similarly mutilated mothers and what's going on, all whilst Cameron is trying desperately to find her.

It's got some very unsettling imagery in it and the performances are all reliable, but the trouble with The Clinic is that its story unravels to reveal a rather goofy resolution.  And that's unfortunate because the movie does have a lot going for it in the production department, but with Rabbitts' screenwriting prowess falling short of his directing, the whole affair comes across as mismanaged and wacky.

The Horror Horizon:

We're finally starting to see multiple big screen horror movies in the near future.  Buzz for Final Destination 5 is surprisingly strong at this point (from the horror crowd at least, non-genre critics seem to be treating it like an easy target), with a number of early reviews heralding it as one of, if not the, best in the series.  It still didn't screen for press here in Austin, though, so the studio can't have too much confidence in it.  Of course that's not the sign that it's a guaranteed piece of crap, either, it's just one an ominous sign.  No studio love aside, I'm still looking forward to it and will be heading out at midnight to see what Death has in store this time around.  As long as it's at least as fun as Final Destination 2, I'll be counting it as a win.

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