The Last Horror Blog: More 'Wolf Creek'; 'Frank and Zed' Puppet Horror; 'Jigsaw'; Plus More Demented Delights

The Last Horror Blog: More 'Wolf Creek'; 'Frank and Zed' Puppet Horror; 'Jigsaw'; Plus More Demented Delights

Oct 26, 2017

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek TV series heads to Shudder – If you’re not subscribing to horror streaming service Shudder, you’re missing out (and I say this completely of my own volition – I don’t work for Shudder, and I’m not getting a free subscription…). The horror version of Netflix is continually adding new and amazing titles to their library, and the latest should appeal to fans of the two Wolf Creek films.

That’s right, Shudder is bringing American fright fans the full first season of the Wolf Creek spin-off series that builds upon the story of outback-based serial killer Mick Taylor in a way sure to please people who loved the movies. Here’s the breakdown:

Murdering psychopath Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) returns to wreak havoc in Wolf Creek, only this time things are different. This time the victim fights back. At first the pattern is familiar; Mick chooses a family on vacation in Northern Australia to terrorize and destroy, but that is merely the inciting incident to a much larger story. Seriously injured, 19-year-old Eve survives the massacre of her parents and little brother, recovers and sets out to bring the killer to justice. Wolf Creek reveals her complex and extraordinary journey, travelling every step of the way as she evolves from child to adult, from prey to predator. But can she triumph over Mick Taylor, evil incarnate?

The full season will be available for your viewing pleasure on November 9, but check out this trailer to whet your appetite.


Frank & Zed set to breathe new life into puppet horror cinema – It’s been 30 years since Peter Jackson unleashed his demented muppet movie Meet the Feebles on unsuspecting audiences – which means we’re long overdue for a new puppet-based horror film. Enter Frank & Zed.

Jesse Blanchard’s horrifying puppet flick is in the final stretches of production – and the team needs your help to bring their savage vision to completion. As such, they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them get the last $15,000 they need to finish the film. After reading the synopsis and watching the trailer, I’m willing to bet a few of you are going to want to help them make this thing a reality – it looks that awesome.

Centuries ago, a desperate battle left a village wasted, a new bride dead, and two mortal enemies dependent on each other for survival. Forgotten amongst the crumbling ruins, our two heroes have eked out a meager existence, each responsible for feeding the other. One fateful day, a villager trespasses into Frank's hunting grounds. The resulting 'harvest' provides Zed with a full tummy and sets the entire town on a course of bloody retribution.


Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Daguerrotype offers understated chills and thrills – It’s always cause for celebration when we get a new film from Japanese horror icon Kiyoshi Kurosawa. The filmmaker, who gave us Pulse and Cure, is one of the most underrated genre directors working today. His films may not be overtly gory or extreme, but they’re lushly shot and filled with enough creepy weirdness to get under your skin and linger with you long after they’re over.

Kurosawa’s latest, Daguerrotype, looks to continue that trend. The film makes its VOD debut on November 7, but until then you can check out the synopsis and trailer below.

Jean (Tahar Rahim), a young Parisian with few skills and even fewer prospects, seems an unlikely candidate for assistant to famed photographer Stéphane (Olivier Gourmet), an obsessive perfectionist living in isolation since his wife’s unexpected death. Yet he soon finds himself in his new employer’s vast, decaying mansion, helping to create life-sized daguerrotypes so vivid they seem almost to contain some portion of their subjects’ souls. Their model is most often Stéphane’s daughter and muse, Marie (Constance Rousseau), and as she and Jean fall in love they realize they must hatch a plot to leave Stéphane’s haunted world forever. But is there something malevolent within the massive daguerrotypes that will prevent their escape?


CW lands haunted house series from Stranger Things execStranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy is teaming up with the CW network on Epiphany – a new haunted house series that’s being billed as “in the vein of Stanley Kubrick and Agatha Christie.” Color me intrigued…

THR describes the show like this: “The drama is a psychological thriller about a group of gifted strangers recruited to a Gilded Age mansion to solve a complex code that lies within the structure's walls.” Sounds a bit like Rose Red as well as the aforementioned Kubrick/Christie comp.

This is a development project, so there’s no word yet on casting or when the series might shoot a pilot episode, but if Levy can recapture the magic of Stranger Things, the CW could have a hit on their hands.


Horror on the Horizon

After a several year hiatus, Jigsaw is back hoping to breathe new life into the Saw franchise with the release of Jigsaw on October 27.

This eighth installment in the series finds authorities investigating a series of gruesome, elaborately plotted murders and reaching only one conclusion – that they look like the work of Jigsaw. The only catch? Jigsaw has been dead for years.

Can this film rekindle interest in a franchise that was running on fumes for years before it ended in 2010? We’ll find out this weekend.

And with that, October and Halloween come to a close – which is bad news for horror fans, because the holiday movie season doesn’t have a lot of room for scary films.

November 3 is completely devoid of horror offerings, but fans in select markets will be able to catch Takashi Miike’s Blade of the Immortal. This samurai tale from the director of Audition is based on a gory Japanese manga and should appeal to fans who love over the top violence and special effects.



Horror on Home Video

If you’re not up for trick ‘r treating on Halloween night, there are some good Blu-ray releases you can pick up on October 31 for a quiet night in.

The big release is The Dark Tower, an underwhelming adaptation of Stephen King’s sprawling dark fantasy epic. The movie isn’t great, but it has it’s moments – and it’s kinda fun to watch Idris Elba give it his all while Matthew McConaughey hams it up as Randall Flagg.

Also releasing on Halloween: cult classics The Devil’s Rain and Slaughter High, as well as a complete series set for the BBC series Orphan Black.

November 7 isn’t packed with high profile releases, but fans can check out the two sequels to Sam Raimi’s gothic superhero movie Darkman in Darkman 2 and Darkman 3. Granted, neither of these are as interesting as the original, but they’re cheesy fun anyway.

If you’re looking for more traditional (and high quality) genre fare, Killing Ground also opens today. Here’s the plot synopsis:

An unassuming couple’s vacation becomes a desperate fight for survival in this ultra-raw, unhinged thrill ride. In need of a break from the pressures of city life, Sam (Harriet Dyer) and Ian (Ian Meadows) head to a remote beach for a romantic weekend camping trip. When they stumble upon an abandoned campsite, they’re concerned. When they discover a lone, traumatized child nearby, they’re scared. And when they encounter two sadistic sociopaths (Aaron Glenane, Aaron Pedersen), they’re in for one hell of a getaway. Weaving with unexpected twists and turns, Killing Ground delivers both nerve-shredding suspense and gut-punching realism.

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