Watch: The Freaky 'Last Exorcism 2' Poster Girl Scare Strangers

Watch: The Freaky 'Last Exorcism 2' Poster Girl Scare Strangers

Feb 26, 2013

There's been a recent rise in viral prank videos involving creepy girls pretending to be creepy ghost girls and freaking people out in the process. The best of the best come from Brazilian candid-camera shows, which is probably what inspired the marketing team behind The Last Exorcism Part II to give it a shot.

They've attempted a similar ghost girl prank and the results are a mixed bag of freaky, funny and lame. Some of the reactions are pretty timid, but it does go out on a high note, and in the process reveals that the poster for The Last Exorcism Part II isn't total BS.

Sure, it's got Photoshop all over the place, but that's a real girl at the center of it. And seeing her (or an equally back-breaking model) get into that freaky number-"2" pose makes watching this video all worth it.

And here's the Brazilian TV show knocking a similar prank out of the park:

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