Zack Snyder Reunites with a Familiar Face for 'Batman vs. Superman'

Zack Snyder Reunites with a Familiar Face for 'Batman vs. Superman'

Sep 11, 2013

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Batman vs. Superman already has its stars lined up (Henry Cavill will reprise his role as the last son of Krypton while the Internet continues to fume over Ben Affleck donning the Dark Knight’s cowl), and a director, so now we’re down to reporting supporting cast and cinematographer hires. No new news on who will join Affleck and Cavill on-screen, but we do have an update on who will be helping director Zack Snyder set up his shots: cinematographer Larry Fong. What?!?! Not Roger Deakins? I’m going to start an Internet petition to get this corrected as soon as I finish this article…

Kidding aside, this hire is not particularly surprising. Snyder gets lots of credit for the lavish visuals in his films like 300, Watchmen, and Sucker Punch (the lavish visuals are pretty much the only thing that last film had going for it), but Fong worked on all three of those features as well – meaning he’s been an integral part of helping Snyder get his signature shots on film.

Batman vs. Superman will mark the fourth collaboration between the duo (the director used Amir Mokri for his Man of Steel shoot), and this news certainly gives us an idea about how the new film will look. Expect loads of highly stylized visuals in this one. Now let’s just hope the rest of the movie gets as much love and attention as the imagery.

Snyder is a divisive filmmaker, but I still like this hire. I have no idea how his take on this material will ultimately turn out, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to look stunning. A Batman vs. Superman flick in the style of 300 sounds pretty intriguing to me, but my guess is that it will probably look more like Mokri’s work on Man of Steel than Sucker Punch. Are you guys cool with that? Weigh in below.




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