LAPD Blow Up Aspiring Screenwriter's Spec Script (Literally)

LAPD Blow Up Aspiring Screenwriter's Spec Script (Literally)

Aug 15, 2011

Bomb Squad Officer in full gearIn what might be the ultimate critique of an aspiring screenwriter’s work, the Beverly Hills police detonated a locked briefcase containing a laptop computer and a spec screenplay after it was left at a local talent agency. We’ve all heard the phrase “blow it up and start from scratch,” but who knew someone would be so literal about it?

Kidding aside, the briefcase was left at the agency by a fledgling writer who hoped someone inside would open it and read his script. Unfortunately, the scribe had also been “harassing the agency” and making irrational comments when they kept declining to read the material – so when a security guard spotted the unattended bag inside the building, he removed it and placed it in an alley. Local police then arrived, evacuated the area, and waited for the LA bomb squad to show up and do their thing.

The would-be writer was detained at the scene, but later released. No word on what his script was about, but we hope he had it saved somewhere other than his laptop’s hard drive. Maybe this will give him some ideas for a new script – we could totally see him spinning this into a sequel for The Hurt Locker, where Jeremy Renner returns home and joins the LAPD’s bomb squad and his first day’s work finds him called out to detonate what turns out to be a script in a briefcase. See? This stuff just writes itself.

[via The LA Times]

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