Lame Move of the Week: The King's Speech Re-Edited for PG-13

Lame Move of the Week: The King's Speech Re-Edited for PG-13

Feb 25, 2011

With 48 hours before it may be crowned best picture of the year, the MPAA has handed down a PG-13 rating to an edited version of The King's Speech that will promptly skip off to theaters pretty much immediately. There isn't official word on what, exactly, was cut, though rumor has it they simply muted 3 out of 5 "f*cks" during a scene in which the characters spew curse words in an effort to help a massive stuttering problem.

Why The Weinstein Co. fought so hard to get this film its PG-13 rating -- going so far as to re-edit the film -- is beyond us. It's a period piece that takes place when England is on the verge of entering World War II, and I bet at least one teenager already fell asleep before reaching the end of this sentence.

Nothing against The King's Speech because it's a fantastic film, but when you have to alter a movie after its release in order to satisfy a group of grouches afraid of saying the word f*ck five times, then not only does it impact the artistic integrity of the film, but it's further proof why the MPAA is a broken system that cares more about fighting piracy than it does making actual sense. You're telling me it makes sense that an entire rating should change because a character said f*ck three times versus five times? Really? Are we all seriously living on the same planet? In what world does that make any sense whatsoever? As if a teenager hearing the word f*ck five times instead of three is going to cause them more harm?

Who is the MPAA protecting again: Moviegoers or studios?

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