La Lohan May Get 18 Days in Jail, Charlie Sheen Enters Guinness Book of World Records

La Lohan May Get 18 Days in Jail, Charlie Sheen Enters Guinness Book of World Records

Mar 05, 2011

So here we are ... it's Friday, and after a week full of Charlie Sheen madness you're probably in more need of some sort of rehab than he is. How sad is that? But life goes on, and you come here for one reason and one reason only: Because you have a thing for guys named Erik who spell their name with a K. I get it, no worries. But while you slowly allow the 'K' at the end of my name to seduce you into a state of euphoria, allow me to make fun of some celebrities at the same time.

Lindsay "F**king" Lohan ... is the name I'd like to use for her from now on. After following her whole jewelry fiasco for the past couple of months, it seems as if we're finally nearing the end of this moronic ordeal. Apparently Lohan's attorneys are trying to work out a plea deal that would give Ms. Lohan three months in jail. But because of overcrowding, TMZ says Lohan could walk away with only 18 days in the slammer when all is said and done. That's about what she did the last time, and the bonus here is that she probably won't have to go to rehab afterwards since her crime is of the stupid variety and has nothing to do with drugs. Oh well, I guess this means we're at least one step closer to my dream reality show: Shopping ... with Lindsay Lohan and Winona Ryder.

Meanwhile, on the other side of La La Land, Charlie Sheen is currently attempting to turn his crazy mental breakdown into a lucrative business. It's been reported that Sheen broke a record the other day by becoming the fastest person to a million followers on Twitter, a feat he accomplished in only 25 hours. That accomplishment has now earned him a deal with a company who pay celebrities to endorse things on Twitter, like movies and ... who knows, anti-depressant medication maybe (?).

Sheen, assuming he plays along, could earn up to $1 million a year sending endorsed tweets. Apparently this is what the Kardashian girls do to pay their ass-tanning bills. See, and you thought Twitter was only good for stalking ex-girlfriends ...

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