La Lohan Dates a Cougar, Megan Fox Has OCD and Who's Bashing Paramount on Twitter?

La Lohan Dates a Cougar, Megan Fox Has OCD and Who's Bashing Paramount on Twitter?

May 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Dating Lesbian Cougar, Could Go Back to Jail Never one to shy away from getting her freak on, Lindsay Lohan is now dating an older woman (aka a “cougar”, for those who dig the latest hip terms). The NY Post tells us that Lohan – who could have an arrest warrant issued if she doesn’t show up in court for a Thursday hearing to discuss why she hasn’t attended her booze ed classes – is now also dating photographer and reality show star Indrani, who’s 36 and 13 years her senior. Lohan is currently “stuck” in Cannes, claiming she can’t get back for her court case because of the volcanic ash. Hey Lindsay, might we suggest hopping a ride up top that cougar?

Is Will Ferrell Bashing Paramount on Twitter? Soon after producer/writer/director Adam McKay announced via Twitter that Paramount wouldn’t pony up the cash for Anchorman 2, a mysterious (and very witty) person has started a fake Paramount Twitter account that pretty much bashes the studio (and its movies) with every tweet. Deadline claims the mystery writer is actually “a multitalented actor-writer-director-producer angry at the studio.” Since McKay isn’t an actor, this leads one to believe that Will Ferrell may be behind the stunt because the two are partners and he'd star in any Anchorman sequel. Ironically, I had more fun reading the tweets than I did watching the first Anchorman, so who’s really winning here?

John Travolta's Dogs Killed in Freak Airport Accident A little over a year after their son died of a seizure while on vacation, John Travolta and family must deal with another blow: the death of their dogs in a freak airport accident. Apparently an assistant took the dogs for a walk after the family’s airplane landed at the airport in Bangor, Maine, and they were accidentally killed by a service pickup truck. Um, aren’t there safer places to walk an animal? Why don’t you play ball with them on that active runway next time!

Woody Allen Supports Roman Polanski With famed director Roman Polanski still under house arrest while authorities decide whether he will be extradited to the US to face 30-year-old rape charges, a number of Hollywood heavyweights have come out to show their support of guys who forcibly have sex with underage children. Like, for example … um, guys who also like to have sex with really young girls. Case in point: Woody Allen, who still looks like a perv for marrying his adopted daughter, came out in support of Polanski calling him a “nice person” who has “paid his dues.” Exactly how has he paid his dues, again? Was it before or after he fled the country prior to sentencing and never returned?

Megan Fox Admits to Being an OCD Loner Though she’s one of the sexiest women on screen, Megan Fox continues to do what she can to convince you that she’s really a closeted freak who hates being around people. The actress, who just turned 24, admits in a new interview with Allure that she has massive OCD, is disgusted with restaurant silverware, could go weeks without talking to another human being, and would rather starve than cook for herself. That’s funny: we’d rather starve than watch Transformers 2 again.

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