Kurt Russell As Han Solo? Watch Actors Audition for Big Roles They Never Landed

Kurt Russell As Han Solo? Watch Actors Audition for Big Roles They Never Landed

Aug 23, 2013


Here are some oldies, but goodies for your Friday. Take a look at these famous actors who auditioned for roles that eventually went to someone else. It's always fun to look at the might have beens in Hollywood. Here are three we spotted on ShortList.

Kurt Russell was Disney's biggest star during the 1970s, but the actor decided to stretch his wings and go for the part of Han Solo in George Lucas' Star Wars. The role ultimately went to Harrison Ford, but it's fun to see young Russell's enthusiastic audition. He eventually became the wisecracker that Solo was in fan favorites like Big Trouble in Little China.

The Harrison Ford curse struck again for Tom Selleck who passed on the part of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Selleck had just snagged a major television gig (Magnum, P.I.) and the producers wouldn't afford him any wiggle room to seek out other roles during that time. The sucky part for Selleck is that a writer's strike would have given him time to work on Raiders, but we can probably all agree that Ford is Indy.

You can see this Marlon Brando screen test for an early Warner Bros. version of Rebel Without a Cause on the Streetcar Named Desire Blu-ray/DVD. The test is not for the same movie that was released in 1955, directed by Nicholas Ray, but it's close enough. The 1947 footage shows Brando just before his first feature role (The Men) and the part that made him a heartthrob around the world (A Streetcar Named Desire).

There are other screen tests for your perusal on ShortList, including one from baby Scarlett Johansson, Brad Pitt before Thelma & Louise, and Robert De Niro for a different role in The Godfather.


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