'Kung Fury' Trailer: Finally, a Movie Starring Hitler, Thor, Robots, Dinosaurs and More

'Kung Fury' Trailer: Finally, a Movie Starring Hitler, Thor, Robots, Dinosaurs and More

Dec 27, 2013

If you’ve been looking for a second film to headline a double-feature night alongside Miami Connection, you’re going to want to kick in some funds to help finish Kung Fury.

A low-budget throwback to ‘80s action cinema – if your standard ‘80s action film featured a badass kung fu cop going back in time to kill Hitler and ride dinosaurs – David Sandberg’s film looks sure to please the cult film crowd if this new trailer is any indication.

Featuring robots, Vikings, Norse gods, a trip to Asgard and Hitler as the world’s deadliest kung fu master (his nickname? Kung-Fuhrer…), there’s a little something for everyone in Kung Fury. Sandberg has been shooting with friends when he has time and now has enough footage for a roughly 30-minute short. He’d really like to expand it to feature length, and be able to hire some visual FX artists to help fill in all the green-screen backgrounds, so that’s where you come in. Kung Fury is looking to raise $200,000 in additional funds – and has already reached just under the halfway mark to that goal. You can swing by the film’s Kickstarter page and check out some of the cool swag available for donating.

Before you do that, take a few minutes to check out the first official trailer for the project and let us know what you think.

[via /Film]


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