Kristen Wiig Opts Out of 'Bridesmaids' Sequel

Kristen Wiig Opts Out of 'Bridesmaids' Sequel

Jan 18, 2012

There was a lot of speculation surrounding Kristen Wiig's return for a Bridesmaids follow-up, but the comedy star and film's co-writer/producer has confirmed with E! Online that she will not be participating in a sequel. "We're not planning on doing one. We had a special time making the first one, but we're really excited to try something else," the actress shared in an interview during the Golden Globes — where there were far too many poop jokes.
Co-Star Jon Hamm won't be surprised to hear the news, as he had already suggested Wiig probably wouldn't be up for part two in September. Director Paul Feig was the most hopefully about reuniting the crew. He told Vanity Fair earlier this month that everyone was "very open to it," but he had one main concern. "My only stipulation is I just want to make sure it’s as good or better than the first one. You definitely don’t want people to be like, 'Oh, shoot, I wish they didn’t make that.'" Without Wiig, are you already mouthing the words?
The SNL star is hoping to continue her success with indie effort Imogen, which she also wrote and produced. She'll be appearing in the movie as a troubled playwright who is forced to move back home with her equally imperfect mother (Annette Bening). Wiig also shared with E! that she's working on a new script with co-writer Annie Mumolo. "It's going to be a little bit of a different tone, but it's going to be a comedy, for sure." 
It seems like a bad idea to pursue another Bridesmaids movie without its lead character (who was also the brains behind the whole project), which may potentially turn the series into a generic, giant poop joke. Also, without Wiig on board who else will refuse to come back? Let us know if you'll bother with a second installment, or if you're happy to wait for the star's next movie.

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