Did You Know: Kristen Bell Has Over 214 Tattoos?

Did You Know: Kristen Bell Has Over 214 Tattoos?

Jan 10, 2012

As part of their new "Inside Hollywood" series, Funny or Die profiled actress Kristen Bell, who talks in-depth about her 214 professional tattoos, as well as the nine she did herself. Did you know it takes around three-and-a-half hours for them to cosmetically remove all of Bell's tattoos before she shoots on camera? Some of her tats include Willy Wonka, Steve Urkel, an I "Heart" Windows 95 image, several incorrect Chinese symbols and the one she regrets, a tribal band on her wrist (because it's "kinda outdated"). And her favorite tattoo is also our favorite -- it's a tattooed tween listening to the bands Tattoo and Wein (sp?) on the planet Tatooine, which, of course, is a Star Wars reference.

Check out all of Bell's tats below and let us know your favorite.



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