'Trick 'r Treat' Director to Make Christmas Horror Movie 'Krampus'

'Trick 'r Treat' Director to Make Christmas Horror Movie 'Krampus'

May 09, 2014

Krampus by thejeffsterTrick 'r Treat writer-director Michael Dougherty could make nothing but holiday-themed horror movies for the rest of his career, and you would never, ever hear even a peep of a complaint from us. We already know that Legendary has green-lit Trick 'r Treat 2 for the filmmaker, and today brings news that the studio has just hired him for another horror movie simply titled Krampus.

Krampus is a legendary creature popular in some European countries that's sort of like the inverse of Santa. Whereas Jolly Saint Nicholas rewards good kids, Krampus punishes the bad kids. And now Dougherty and screenwriters Todd Casey and Zach Shields are planning to turn him into a cinematic icon. Here's what he had to tell Deadline about the film:

“The dark ancient origins of our holidays have always fascinated me,” Dougherty said. “I’ve been drawing twisted Christmas cards for well over a decade, so it only made sense to bring some of that morbid yuletide fun to the big screen, and Krampus was the perfect mythology to do that. Christmas has been invading Halloween for far too long. It’s time to return the favor.”

Dougherty isn't the only one making a Krampus movie, though. Kevin Smith is already prepping production on Anti-Claus, which was previously titled Comes the Krampus, as his next film. We're guessing that Legendary, the studio that produced The Dark Knight and Man of Steel, is probably going to provide just a tad more resources for Dougherty to work with, however, so if you have to pin your hopes to any future horror movie about a creature torturing bad kids, we'd recommend you go with Krampus. Plus, have you seen Trick 'r Treat? Nobody does holiday horror better than Michael Dougherty.

[Krampus art by thejeffster]




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