Bollywood Does 'Avatar': Get a Look at India's First 3D, Motion-Captured Film

Bollywood Does 'Avatar': Get a Look at India's First 3D, Motion-Captured Film

Apr 23, 2014

Kochadaiiyaan banner

Bollywood cinema has come a long way in a very short amount of time – and now India is set to tackle a new cinematic frontier with the release of its first 3D motion-capture animated feature, the epic adventure film Kochadaiiyaan: The Legend.

Unfortunately, Kochadaiiyaan has garnered some negative publicity for the quality of its digital animation. Yes, the visuals look incredibly simplistic compared to something like James Cameron’s Avatar, but it’s easy to forget that this is Bollywood’s first attempt at this kind of film. We weren’t exactly knocking it out of the park in the early days of computer-generated imagery, either – and we were working with significantly larger budgets.

Kochadaiiyaan may not look as cutting edge as the CG we’re used to seeing, but I suspect that Indian filmmakers will get better at this sort of movie magic with practice. Hong Kong’s first forays into motion capture weren’t exactly breathtaking, either – but they eventually got the hang of it.

Bollywood actor Imran Khan feels the same way, defending the work by pointing out “if you look back, 10 years ago even in Hollywood [animation] wasn’t a big thing. In the last 10 to 12 years, it has started growing in Hollywood and became part of the mainstream, so we have to give it a little bit of time.”

Besides, even though the effects might look more like something from a PlayStation 2 game than a Hollywood blockbuster, Kochadaiiyaan was completed in a mere 18 months for $20.5 million dollars. Plus it features a dude riding on the nose of a dolphin. Did Avatar even try anything that remotely awesome?

Check out a trailer for the film and a behind the scenes look at how the effects were created, below.

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