Watch: Red Band Trailer for the Truly Outrageous Comedy 'Klown'

Watch: Red Band Trailer for the Truly Outrageous Comedy 'Klown'

May 02, 2012

Every year Hollywood discovers great film gems from around the world, but instead of giving the original film a deserving release, they shelve it and remake it instead. Fortunately that's not happening to Klown, one of the raunchiest comedies around. Oh, it is getting a remake - The Hangover's Todd Phillips is producing for Danny McBride to star - but thanks to Drafthouse Films, the original will be getting the release it deserves.

The company that gave US audiences, among other films, the bold terrorist comedy Four Lions (seriously, see it if you haven't-- Chris Morris' film is one of the best of 2010), and the Oscar-nominated drama Bullhead, is now bringing to American shores this raucous Danish comedy about men behaving like, well, you can probably figure that out. Drafthouse Films has just put out a Red Band trailer for the film, which will be released in theaters and on VOD starting July 27th, and it gives a perfect idea of the awkward, boundary-probing comedy in store. The trailer itself is atually just a scene from the film, and please believe us when we say it is Not Safe For Work.

And considering this scene offers utterly no idea what the movie is about, you should know it's about, "two wildly inappropriate friends as they run amok through the Danish countryside plowing through social taboos and unspeakable debaucheries."

Again, this trailer is Not Safe For Work:

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